Afreen Seher’15 from Malaysia

I chose Fulbright because I was a confused theater major and I didn’t want to just look for a 9-5 job which I wasn’t passionate about. I also did not want to work in a very familiar country or town. I was constantly encouraged by the Fulbright Fellowships office to apply and met with the fellowship advisers my first year.


When I got to my location, I first was met by Fulbright MACEE staff and received a warm welcome at the airport even before immigration! I then proceeded to Orientation organized at Kuala Lumpur.

I brought American postcards for cultural exchange, lots of sunscreen, pack of cards, board games, and gifts for my community members with me.

In preparation for my trip I communicated at the Facebook forum created for past and present Fulbrighters and kept in touch with my MACEE (Malaysian American Commission for Educational Exchange). I also made a packing list of things I would need.


 Something I have never done before is Eaten Malaysia’s national dish–

 I was surprised by how warm the weather is all year round! 90 degrees !!


I love coconut water and coconut ice cream yummm

When I am teaching I try to warm up the class by playing name games and ice breakers.


At the end of each day I am so tired that I need to unwind and treat myself to ice chai (Teh Tarray)


When I tell others about my Fulbright experience so far it has been an amazing experience to come to such a diverse nation in East Asia!


I want to tell a Smithie thinking about applying for a Fulbright: Definitely do it! And start early, you are in the best hands at Smith Fellowship Office with Ryan and Don Andrew!