Jade Bowden ’11 from Italy

Here is a copy of an article that appeared in a daily newspaper in Prato, Italy. It is dedicated to Smith Blumberg Fellow Jade Bowden ’11 who studied in Florence on Smith’s JYA program 2009-10.

The article, in Italian, talks about Jade’s research on the Chinese community in Prato. They ask Jade what she is studying (integration of second generation Chinese-Italians in Prato), how she conducted her research (they mention that she is a Gov and ITS major at Smith and that she received a Blumberg Fellowship) and what her results and suggestions are.


Nora Hayes-Roth ’06 from Italy

Nora Hayes-Roth ’06, who is living and working in Italy as a Fulbright Fellow this year, was chosen to represent her host country in attending the annual Fulbright Seminar on the European Union and NATO, organized by the Belgian Fulbright Commission. For one week in February, Hayes-Roth bounced among briefings in Luxembourg, Brussels and Mons. She recently wrote about her experience among Europe’s high-level officials.

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