Jordan Dubin ’15 From Argentina

I chose Fulbright because living in Argentina was something I always have wanted to do!


When I got to my location, I was surprised and excited about the natural beauty of the mountains and coast.

I brought all of my SoulCycle apparel with me of course to use for spinning, running, and tango lessons.

The trip to get here was very expedited.  With the Argentine school year beginning in March, I needed to purchase my plane ticket within 2 weeks.

Something I have never done before is try Fuengian lamb and mate.

I was surprised by how popular and often Argentine slang is used.

I love living so close to the mountains.

When I am teaching, I can’t stop laughing and smiling.

At the end of each day, I think back to receiving the phone call letting me know that I was awarded a Fulbright grant.

When I tell others about my Fulbright experience, everyone is amazed at what I am doing both in the classroom and in the outdoors.

I want to tell a Smithie thinking about applying for a Fulbright: Not to be scared or intimidated by the application process because it has been such a rewarding experience thus far!